Our Values

# Empowerment

We see many groups doing great things with few resources. We want to use our capacities to strengthen existing structures through passing on knowledge and skills. Because many groups are able to do many great things, but the more knowledge and skills there are in the structures, the more effectively groups can work. That way, we can reach more goals. We organize workshops to teach practical skills to empower structures. These practical skills help groups work effectively, appear professional, use modern tools and methods all while staying digitally secure and critical of hierarchies. We believe that the social conditions don’t leave any time for feeble action. Big changes need to happen now, not in the far future. We need effective groups, campaigns and actions with impact that reach society and fight for a better world.

# Tear Down Hierarchies

We believe that hierarchies are solidified through differences in knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is good if as many people as possible have many different skills. We don’t want the knowledge to stay with the trainers: the workshops are designed so that the participants can pass on the knowledge to others afterwards. To support this, we publish and share our materials under copy left. Additionally, our workshops include skillsharing moments: everyone contributes their own knowledge and experience. We are also offering all workshops digitally, so that our knowledge can reach the places our trainers can’t.

# Networking

With our Workshops, we connect structures and trainers with eachother. In addition, we also organize cross-group skillshare events and participate in camps where structures and activists connect with each other. It is important to us that groups learn from each other so that not everyone is reinventing the wheel individually. And together, we are much stronger anyway.

# For Free

We don’t want to follow the capitalist logic that everything has a price. We also want to support groups that don’t have much money for getting knowledge. Because if structures need money to get better, then big organizations get better and better and small young groups get left behind. Education should be free for all anyway. Still, we pay our trainers a fee from money we get through funding grants. Of course there are trainers and collectives that make their living from their fees – that’s why we want to reach groups that have little to no money.

# Utopia

Yeah, utopia is maybe a bit of a hippie word. But for radical change we need visions. Utopias help us to think in the right direction, they give us energy and a goal. Therefore, we want our workshops to be oriented towards utopias: through methods like Dragon Dreaming, with the Theory of Change and with vision-rounds.