About us

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LEON organises stuff and likes dreaming of utopias. He values sustainable activism and would like to take care of the drinks when the revolution comes.

ASI mainly organises stuff. Since he is also good with numbers, he takes care of our finances as well. Apart from that he’s interested in digital inclusiveness and the topic of migration.

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PENNY is mainly intersted in revolution. Other topics of interest: anonymity, data security, hierarchy-critical skillsharing projects.

DANIEL is interested in ways to make activism sustainable and impactful.

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Honorary Members

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JENGA organises workshops, at the university and with Skills for Utopia. She is passionate about climate justice and anarchy.

VILDE is our organisational freak from the north. In her Berlin based refugee aid work, but also at skills for utopia, she searches for new ways of better communication – to reach consensual decisions in an efficient way.

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LEXY hopes for fully automated luxury communism. In the meantime, he organises activist educational work. (He might continue doing that once the time of luxury communism has come, it is fun after all). His vision is that activists have access to workshops just as easily as managers in big companies can today.

Soon maybe you?
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For our collective we are searching people that want to organise workshops for groups and activists!

We don’t have money to pay for the organisational work. But you’re in on something really good, you do as much as you want and have capacities to do, you talk about utopia, revolution, and orga-shizzl, and you probably drink a lot of coffee. You are part of a small but nice collective with a lot of potential of bringing in your ideas. And if you’re in the mood to develop your own workshops, that’s also nice! But that isn’t a must.

Where? In Berlin

When? Starting today 🙂

How? Just write us an email: s4u@systemli.org

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!